Comfort Media Group is a Full Service Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Specializing in Marketing Geared for Contractors.

Marketing for HVAC ContractorsNinety seven percent of the time, when someone vists your website, they're not ready to buy, in fact, by the time your salesperson hears from today's homeowner, the average buyer is almost seventy percent of the way to making a purchasing decision. We make sure when your buyer is searching for home comfort solutions, your company is part of the process, providing value and building trust at every stage of the Buyer's Journey.

HVAC Buyer's Journey

We're able to do this by tapping into the way people use the Internet, combined with the way search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo deliver search results to consumers searching for solutions and information.

We nurture your buyers through their journey with informative content like videos, articles on your website and free, branded downloads to help them make more informed home comfort choices.

This is accomplished by guiding you through some very straighforward digital activities like:

  • Measuring Everything
  • Creating Case Studies for better than the best SEO
  • Email Marketing that keep you top-of-mind
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google and Facebook)
  • Search Engine Optimization (The art of getting your website found)
  • Marketing Automation Implementation (HubSpot, AWeber)

Comfort Media Group will provide you with a trustworthy resource of digital sales and marketing intel based on data from some of the best HVAC contractors in the business.
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