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Build a Rock Solid Plan for the Summer and Fall of 2018 and Beyond

Comfort Media Group was founded by an HVAC contractorAre you tired of wondering if your marketing works? Do the terms SEO and PPC make your head want to explode?

If you are ready to grow your business to the next level, you are in the right place.

The data show that "House of Bricks" website content goes a long way to replacing that half page ad in the Yellow Pages or the Sunday paper that used to make the phone ring off the hook.

Contractors who know how to accommodate the way people like to buy today are going to win the battle of the Buyer's Journey.

We have studied the underlying drivers and behaviors behind the way homeowners use the Intenet to find heating and air conditioning solutions and make major purchases, and after years of working with contractors to engage in these methods, we understand how important it is to have a strategy, adequate planning and resources if you want to be successful.

To create the right content that will attract qualified buyers and help them to become your customers, you need to answer some important questions:

What to ask yourself...Content-Marketing-Goals

  • What are my marketing goals?
  • Who are my buyers, and what are there needs?
  • How well is my website working to attract buyers?
  • How are we generating new sales leads, and are they as qualified as you'd like?
  • How much visibility do you have into your sales pipeline?
  • Are your Marketing efforts aligned with your Sales goals?
  • When is it time of day to make a sales call?

There are many other questions that will guide you through building an effective content-based marketing program and plan for 2018 and beyond.

The problem is, most companies without real experience in digital marketing are not even sure how to answer these questions, and are not prepared to create a strategic plan.

To help you answer these questions and create a plan that will produce results, we have designed  a number of content strategies and sales processes that ensure the kind of alignment you need to funnel highly qualified buyers right to your salespeople.

In just a short time, you'll have your hands on a rock solid plan for the future.

Gap Assessment and Game Plan

  • Get a comprehensive Gap Assessment and Plan in 30 days or less
  • Complete review and recommendations for marketing strategy
  • Review and recommendations for website, SEO and lead generation
  • Review and recommendations for content marketing
  • Review and recommendations for sales pipeline management, marketing automation and CRM integration
  • Comprehensive Plan and Budget for implementing inbound and content marketing

What are you paying for high quality leads now?

Spend an hour on the phone with one of our HVAC Digital Business Specialists and learn what's possible, how it works, and how much it costs.

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