Get More Leads

Are your manufacturers giving you high volumes of high quality leads? I know, some do, some don't. Some more than others.

Are the big contractors in your market overpowering you with traditional marketing campaigns you could never compete with?

There's good news. The Internet is an amazingly level playing field for contractor marketing, especially when you really know your customer and your service area.

Here's the Big Secret

There is a no-nonsense, straightforward way for your marketing to compete with your biggest competitors.

Disciplined, regular publication of high quality content on your website in the form of blogs and landing pages, along with a social media and pay-per-click strategy to drive traffic and build community, topped off with email-based lead nurturing, will put your inbound marketing strategy neck and neck with the biggest competitor in your service area.

We'll help you or someone on your staff learn how to create your own inbound lead generation strategy, 100% FREE OF CHARGE.

Everything you need to get started is outlined in detail in one of the many free guides available for download on our website. Take a hard look at the services we offer and be sure to download those free guides to learn more about the concepts and the data behind the success of inbound marketing.

Or, if you want to fast track your learning curve and your marketing, we can get you there a lot quicker with one of Comfort Media's Inbound Marketing packages.

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With Inbound Marketing tools and tactics, we can create multiple streams of sales leads that help you promote your business, your seasonal offers, and your strategic manufacturers.

Whether you're targeting direct replacement of systems, service contract sales, or add-ons like generators, air scrubbers and outdoor unit security solutions, we can help you increase awareness and sales leads in your service area.











Why Inbound Marketing for Your Contracting Company?

  • Higher volumes of higher quality sales leads
  • Reduce the length of your sales cycle
  • Revenue diversification
  • Plug and play marketing programs
  • Smooth out seasonal business fluctuations
  • Increased revenue per customer
  • Higher customer retention
  • Increased referrals
  • 100% measureable

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