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Get Ready...

This is a quick how-to so you can crank up a Facebook ad campaign to generate leads for your HVAC business.

I know this appears long and complicated, but that's only because I'm spelling out every step in detail. This shouldn't take you more than ten or fifteen minutes to set up once you have the info listed below.

In addition to this article, we have a free, downloadable version you can print out and share with your marketing person. Click here to get a copy.

You’ll need a few things before you start.

  • A credit card or checking account to set up the billing for your ads. If you need help setting up your account, click here.
  • A list of the zip codes in the areas where you want to generate leads. Click here for a great zip code map. http://zipmaps.net
  • 6 images that will be used for your ad set. If you want to see some example images, click here.

Get Set...

If you've ever created a Facebook ad or done a boosted post, you already have an advertising account and dashboard. That's where this begins.

If you've never done a FB ad, click here to get started, Facebook Advertising, and follow these 5 simple steps to create your first FB pay-per-click campaign.

If you'd rather not jump into all this, and have the budget to hire somebody to do it, that's okay too, but you should still be involved in establishing goals, setting expectations and regularly reviewing your campaign performance.

You're going to pay anywhere between $500 and $1000/month for competent Facebook ad campaign management. At CMG we plan and execute the Facebook ad campaigns of our retainer clients, but no longer do one-off campaigns where we're not involved in the overall strategy.

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and click the green button in the upper right corner to get started!Facebook ads for HVAC contractors

Step 1: Choose where you want to send people who click your ads.

Facebook ads enable you generate residential and commercial sales leads. With your end goal in mind, create an ad campaign designed to send potential buyers to a very specific page on your website which has been designed to achieve the same goal. 

Facebook ads for HVAC contractorsName your campaign. Be sure to name it something that makes sense and everybody on your team understands.Facebook ads for HVAC contractors

Now that you've defined your campaign and goal, you will define the Facebook users who will see your ads.

Enter the website address you want people to visit, then click “Continue.”


Step 2: Scroll down to the "Images" section.

FB is going to automatically pull in some or all of the images from the target URL. Sometimes you might want to use these images, sometimes not, so click on the “X” in the upper right corner of the image to get rid of any you do not want to use.


Click on the plus (+) sign to open your upload box.


Select all the images at once by holding down your ctrl key and clicking on all the images you want to upload.



Step 3: Once the images have uploaded, scroll down to the "Text and Links" section.

Clicking your ad will take people back to the website you enter, but the ad itself will be offered by your FB Page, so under "Connect Facebook Page", choose your business page.

Now you should be able to see your ad previews in the pane to the right.

Enter a catchy headline and some text which will be the messaging people will see in the sidebar view of your ad. Be sure to include a straightforward call to action like "Click here..."


Then click on "Show Advanced Options" and a box will appear where you can really talk about the offer in detail.


Step 4: Define your target audience.

Start by entering the zip codes you want to target. Enter each zip code individually one after the other until you have them all in there.


Then choose the range of ages of the people who you want to see your ads. You don't have to choose an upper limit, but you definitely want to ensure you're not advertising to kids.


There are more advanced targeting methods, but since this how-to is for a basic FB PPC campaign, I'm not going over any of the more advanced options here. If you want to know more about these advanced options, click here to schedule a quick call.

Step 5: Set your campaign timeframe and budget.

Click the link that says, "Change Campaign" and click the button, "Create a New Campaign". This enables you to create campaign names that are easy for you and your staff to identify when your ad dashboard begins to fill up with multiple campaigns.



You can also change the name of the ad set to be something easier to identify. Then you can choose the budget for your campaign, either a lifetime budget or daily budget.

In both cases, you are able to plan the amount you want to spend on the ads.

You can even choose start and end dates if you'd rather just set a daily budget and let the campaign run on autopilot.

Last Step: Bidding and Pricing

Not much to do here. Just be sure you're set to "Optimize for Clicks" and "Automatically optimize your bid to get more clicks".



That's it! All you need to do now is click the green, "Place Order" button and you're in business.

FB will send you approvals for each ad once they've had the chance to review the content. This usually happens within an hour, but during very busy periods, it can take as long as a few hours to for the ad to launch.

If you do not have the time or the inclination to do this, Comfort Media Group can do it for you for a flat rate based on the scope of your objectives. Click the link below to set up a quick call and we'll let you know what we need to get started.

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