Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a very commonly used practice on the internet today, and is a very simple concept. It leads visitors on your website through customized expeirences, based on what they've shown interest in. Early marketing automation would mainly consist of e-mails that are sent to you at specific times, which is still used a lot, but now there is a lot more offered in marketing automation. Using Hubspot's software and analytics, we can design customized experiences for visitors throguhout your website, e-mail and social media campaigns, based on what they are interested in.

Why use marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a multifunctional tool, that will help you with several aspects of your marketing.

First of all, it will keep the currently engaged visitors of your site interested. Marketing automation will be able to deliver a customized experience to your visitor, based on what they have clicked on. Ths means 2 different visitors can enter your website at the same exact time, but have 2 different experiences based on what they have clicked on and shown interest in. Just like a car dealer wouldn't give the same exact sales pitch to every prospect that walked through the door, you don't want your website to give every visitor the same exact experience.

Marketing automation can also help engage with old customers and contacts. For example, you can set up your marketing to send certain e-mails to customers who purchase something every month, and then other e-mails to customers who haven't purchased anything in over 6 months. This will help let an old customer know you're around, and will maybe bring them back to being a frequent customer. Sometimes well placed and spaced out e-mails can keep you in a customer's mind when purchasing time comes around. Sending out the same e-mail to every guest takes out the personal touch, and may not be as effective as using marketing automation and analytical tools.

Marketing automation also helps take out human error! You shouldn't have to remember to e-mail every customer when they've made a purchase, or post a certain blog on your Facebook at a specific time to grab a particular audience. With marketing automation, you can schedule e-mails and social media posts, as well as set up auto-responders for people who make a purchase or submit a form to your site. Make your job effective, and easy with marketing automation.

How Can We Help...

We Can Do It For You

Here at Comfort Media, we can design your website, as well as set up marketing campaigns to use marketing automation effectively. We can design different approaches to different kinds of prospects, creating the proper content, and stringing it together to create a unique experience for your visitors. This can involve creating new web pages, e-mails, blogs, and other forms of content based on what your audience wants to consume.

We Have The Software

Marketing automation is not possible without having some form of software to do it. At Comfort Media we use Hubspot software to gather data, analyse it, and use their automation tools to practice the most effective automated marketing. Without using some kind of software program, automation won't be possible, and you won't be able to meausre or anaylze your marketing efforts.


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