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Landing pages are a key tool in converting a visitor on your site into a lead. They are pages on your site that are designed to offer the visitor some peice of content in exchange for their information (e-mail address, name, etc.). This will not only help drive leads, but it will tell you what that lead is interested in. Landing pages are very simple and to the point, because offering essential information and grabbing the contact information of a visitor is the only goal.

Why use landing pages?

Sample_Pic_AgainLanding pages are a simple, fantastic tool when it comes to capturing leads and helping your overall marketing and sales effort.

Landing pages take a website visitor directly to your offer or educational content, and convert them into a marketing qualified lead through a form submission.

You earn this contact information by offering some peice of valueable, free content or other offer, in exchange for a first name and email address. This will turn the visitor into a lead, as well as letting you know exactly what that visitor is interested in. For instance, if your visitor downloads, "Tips to keeping my house cool in the summer", you'll know what they are interested in, and what a sales representative should talk to them about.

The other thing landing pages will do for you is help your website's searchability or SEO.

Websites that have more high quality pages of content will be found easier when people use search engines (google, yahoo, etc.).

The practice of using landing pages also comes with the offer of free content that I mentioned before.

This will help your sales process, being that whatever content you are offering is educating your auidence about whatever they are interested in.

Instead of using the time of a salesperson to talk to a prospective client, your content offered in the landing page can educate your prospect, and when the time comes to talk to a salesperson, the prospect knows what they want and that they are meeting with the right contractor.

Want to know a little more about landing pages? Here are some interesting facts:

  • Companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than 10.
  • Those with over 40 landing pages got 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages.
  • 48% of landing pages have multiple offers on them.
  • 42% of offer-related graphics on landing pages are not clickable.

How Can We Help...

We Can Build it For You

We have experts here at Comfort Media who can create landing pages for you. We build landing pages every day here, and would love to help you create the most effective landing pages to capture leads for your business.

We Have Content For You

One of the most important components to making your landing page effective is having some truly valuable piece of content to offer. A branded product guide, or a seasonal special, for example.

This is the "What's In It For Me", and if you don't have great content to offer, you offer no incentive for the visitor to give you their contact information.

We can help you create great content, and make sure you are offering your audience fresh, new things all the time. This will not only keep your landing pages effective, but will also help you become a trusted and anticipated source of information.

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