E-mail Marketing

E-mail is the #1 way content is shared on the Internet.



Not only is it one of the best tools companies have to promote their products and services, but it's also a prefered channel of communication for most customers.

How E-mail Marketing Has Changed

As much as email marketing is a mature method of connecting with new customers, it's effectivness has declined as people have become desensitized to the onslaught of promotional emails filling their inboxes.

E-mail marketing is no longer as simple as sending all your contacts the same e-mail with the same offer. Consumers appreciate emails that are personalized, and have a knack for offering exactly what the customer needs at exactly the right time.

How Can We Help...


List Segmentation/Personalization

Not everyone wants the same things, so why should everyone get the same thing?

They shouldn't, and that's where List Segmentation comes in.

Seperating your contacts into different lists based on the content they consume on your website can help you point your e-mail marketing efforts in the right direction. The 24 year old man who lives in the city, might not be interested in the same content as a 45 year old mother of 4 who lives in the suburbs. Using data and analytics, we can tailor your emails with different images, content, and timing strategies to get the most out of your e-mail marketing, and keep all your contacts engaged and happy.

Different Offers

Everyone likes a little variety right? So it's your job to deliver variety! Being offered the same products and services over and over can get boring for consumers, and it will lead to them not opening your e-mails anymore. This is why we like to change it up with some different offers. We will work with your company to offer not only your products and services, but also valuable information that will gain the interst and trust of your audience. Not everyone always wants to be sold to, so delivering quality information in your e-mails will let your customers know you don't just want to sell to them all the time, but you want to help them out with their decision making process. Being a trusted source of information, and not boring your audience will go a long way to helping you run a successful e-mail markeitng campaign.

Content Creation and Analytics

Our team has worked with various types of businesses running e-mail marketing campaigns. From heating and air conditiong contractors to medical facilities, we have created engaging content, and can use analytics and strategies to run effective e-mail marketing campaigns. Not everyone wants the same content, as mentioned above, so the use of our content creators will help us keep your e-mails fresh and engaging. We can also use analytics to tell what is working for you. No need to waste time and money in e-mails that don't work. We want to use only the best and most effective e-mail strategies for your campaigns.


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