Do you really need blogging?

When you think about blogging, you may think about someone writing in their online diary, but blogging has become so much more than that. As the internet becomes bigger and technology continues to advance, consumers have started doing their own research when it comes to making decisions about their purchases. Statistics say that consumers are already 57% down the purchasing journey before they even contact a salesperson. So where are they doing their research at? On the Internet! 65% of daily internet users read blogs, and 46% read more than one blog a day.Laptop Work-11

Companies blog too! Well, Successful ones do...

So wouldn’t you want your business to be the trusted source providing information to your potential customers? Most companies do this through blogging. Blogging not only helps provide your audience with great information, but it helps your business get found on search engines such as google, yahoo, and bing. Companies that blog get 55% more traffic to their website, and 70% more leads than companies who don’t blog at all.

So what are the best practices for blogging? Blog a lot! Businesses that blog 20+ times per month generate 5 times more traffic and 4 times more leads than companies who don’t blog. You don’t have to go crazy right away, but the more blogs, the better. Also use images, videos and links in your blogs. People need to be stimulated, and something other than text usually goes a long way to improving the value of your content.

Now that you see the importance of blogging for your business, it’s time to take action. Contact us here at Comfort Media Group to see how we can help get your business blog started today!


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