3 video ideas to jumpstart your hvac video marketing strategy

Are you having trouble figuring out where to start with an online video marketing strategy for your HVAC business? We're living in something of a "golden age" for video online. Google knows it, Facebook knows it and your HVAC company needs to be a part of it. 

The internet video trend is here to stay and if you're a bit behind the curve on this essential marketing opportunity, here are some ideas to help get you started.

We’ve produced all kinds of videos for our contractor clients over the years. In this post, I want to go over the three types of videos that we recommend to get your HVAC video marketing strategy rolling. The goal is the create videos that will speak to your customers, build their trust and increase your leads. 

1. Tell Your Customers' Stories

Our first type of video is basically HVAC video 101: tell the story of your customers and their homes. A mistake that some contractors make is constantly talking about themselves and the boxes they install, while their focus should be the families and homes that they make comfortable.

Customers want to be able to see themselves in the stories you tell. Case study videos are a great place to start. When you have an upcoming job in a type of home and/or neighborhood you’d like to get more jobs in, get the customer’s permission to film and take pictures of the job and home to share online. Most customers are happy to say yes. What’s even better is if your customer agrees to be on camera to tell their story themselves.

These kinds of videos are great for sharing on social sites. They should also live somewhere on your website, like a blog post that tells the same story via text.

Below are some examples of how you can tell these stories that we produced with ECI Comfort in Bensalem, PA:

Historic Germantown Home High Velocity and Ductless Heat and Air Conditioning - ECI Comfort in Bensalem, PA: ECI Comfort went all out in this video using interviews with the homeowner as well as their technicians to tell the story of this impressive installation and home in Philadelphia. 

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Portable Generator & Manual Transfer Switch - Customer Demonstration - ECI Comfort in Bensalem, PA: In this video, a senior ECI Comfort customer demonstrates how to use her generator with a manual transfer switch that was installed providing priceless social proof for the HVAC company as well as vaulable information for prospective customers.

Oil Furnace Repair Services in Bucks County, Hot Water Heater Installation, Bristol, Pennsylvania - ECI Comfort in Bensalem, PA: What happens when an older boiler fails and leaks hundreds of gallons into the basement? This ECI Comfort customer tells his story which makes for a great SEO play for the HVAC company's website.

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Our next video idea gives you and your HVAC family a chance to shine while providing value to your existing and potential customers.

For years, marketers have understood the importance of creating educational content for their blogs. Not only does it increase website traffic and the quality of your leads, but it also builds trust in your business; all of which can be increased further using video. 

For these videos, let the inspiration come from your own customers. Start by creating videos that answer the questions you and your technicians receive the most. 

These types of videos are great for sharing on social sites. Also, some are ideal for e-mail marketing campaigns meant to delight your current customers. Otherwise, make sure to include these on your website's learning library to draw those curiosity seekers.

How to: Cleaning Your Ductless Filters - N.E.T.R. Inc. in North Andover, MAAs the #1 ductless installer in the Boston area, N.E.T.R. bolsters their reputation as ductless experts while providing useful info for their customers. This is a great video to include a link to in an e-mail campaign meant to remind your customers to perform basic maintenance on their equipment. 

Combat Salt Corrosion at the Jersey Shore with Carrier's Coastal System -Comfort Now in Somers Point, NJ: Installing HVAC at the Jersey Shore offers unique educational opportunities and, as someone who has been using video to educate his customer for years, Bob McAllister always has valuable insights for peole in his service area.  

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Sharing video on social sites is important, but sometimes you have to bring the party back to your own website. Using strategically placed video can help your site increase conversions and get quality leads. 

The goals is to have video throughout your website visitor's experience. Having video featuring yourself, your technicians, and any other front facing employees offers a deeper way to connect with your website visitors. It will also help build trust in your brand. 

If you’re just getting your feet wet in the video for your website, a great place to start is to add video to any landing page where you want increased conversions. 

Got a page with a form to request an air conditioner tune-up or download a brochure? Add a video of one of your techs explaining what goes into yearly air conditioner maintenance or why they should learn more about your product. 

Ductless Product Guide Download Landing Page Video - ECI Comfort in Bensalem, PA: This short video was created for a landing page where customers are encouraged to download a ductless brochure. Not only does it speak directly to landing page visitors, but it also introduces other videos that feature local ductless installations for those seeking even more information.

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Your blog is another great place to use video on your website. Start with your blogs that have the most views and create a video version for those who would rather watch than read. Then you can share that video throughout your social channels to promote your blog and business. 

Now that you have some ideas about effective videos to use to engage with your HVAC customers, it's time for some lights, cameras and action! Make it a "golden age" for video for your business too. 

HVAC-Video-Equipment-Guide-Cover-PicDo you need help figuring out what kind of equipment you need to shoot videos yourself? Check out our free HVAC Video Equipment guide to see what we use and recommend. 

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